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"One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation.”
Oscar Wilde

About us

Ubiquity™ is owned and managed by Kaveer Beharee - one of SA's leading advocates of the roles and responsibilities of boards in managing stakeholders and reputation. Kaveer was journalist in SA covering SA's State-owned enterprises, competition and economics. 

After more than a decade’s experience in financial media, reputation, communication and stakeholder management, Kaveer has committed his career to exalting stakeholder and reputation management as a major value driver in SA.

The Companies Act is unclear about the responsibility and obligations of boards and managers in developing and managing stakeholder and reputation strategies. Both functions are managed in a non-standardised way. In most cases, reputation and stakeholder issues are dealt with at a management level with very little input from the board.

The recent string of corporate scandals - most being the result of poor stakeholder engagement and communications frameworks - destroy shareholder value.

Kaveer believes the King III principles, which deal with these issues, underscore the need for robust stakeholder and reputation management frameworks. It doens;t however, say how.

Ubiquity™, specialises in stakeholder communications and is SA’s first consultancy to effectively integrate stakeholder and reputation management within a King III framework.

As asset managers recognise the importance of - and are measured on - their strategies for integrating sustainability issues (including ESG) into long-term investment - as required by CRISA, we believe they will inevitably place greater emphasis on stakeholder/reputation issues in the companies they invest in.

Ubiquity™ is a network of highly skilled professionals with expertise in different areas, for example, investor relations, governance, government relations and legal expertise. Employing these skills o a full time basis is not economically viable for either our business not our clients. Instead we have developed relationships with experts underpinned by non-disclosure agreements, robust service level agreements and strong values.  

Pound-for-pound, we are the hardest hitting agency in SA. 


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