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"Two-thirds of consumers say that their perceptions of CEOs affect their opinions of company reputations. Some half of executives say a company's overall reputation is attributed to the CEO's reputation - Weber Shandwick's global research, The Company Behind the Brand: In Reputation We Trust.

What we do

We are niche, because we are selective about clients and services we provide. We do, however offer most service most mainstream services that other stakeholder communications and PR agencies do 

Here are are summary of our services

  1. King III chapter 8-compliant stakeholder engagement and communications and reputation management framework:
    1. Relevant sections in board charters
    2. Stakeholder engagement and communications and reputation management policies
    3. Delegation of authorities
    4. Implementation plans which ensure effective PR management programmes for integrated reporting purposes
  2. Business continuity plans - processes and procedures to ensure the company has the tools to deal with stakeholders during crises like strike action or other disruption to business activity
  3. Media relations - we have great relations with some of SA most influential business journalists in SA 
  4. Messaging workshops™ - We are the only company in SA which develops and prioritises stakeholder messages according to the phase in the business cycle, which is likely to achieve greatest results. For example: for new companies, we advise our clients less on messaging relating to offering and more focus on values-based messaging. By contrast, if our client is a market leader, we advise focussing less on values and more on offering. In this way, we ensure communications are optimised to deliver greatest value. 
  5. Message house™ - Our Message house is a simple document that contains all approved messaging for our client. But more importantly it represents a philosophy. We do not believe in different messaging for different audiences. Whether a company is big or small, and regardless of industry in which our clients operate, we advocate a single market positioning. As social media explodes, we believe this to be the most effective way to cut through clutter. Using the same messages for publicity, sales, financial reporting and in one-on-one engagements by all staff increases recall and entrenches a specific positioning. The Message house™ makes this easy as pie. 
  6. Writing - we write everything from political speeches, to press releases to annual reports and SENS announcements. 
  7. Lobbying - we do not lobby, however we have an exclusive with SA top lobbying firm based in Cape Town, which deals with provincial governments, several portfolio committees, most Ministries and departments. We become involved in lobbying, as our governance framework ensures that companies are able lobby Government and report back to other stakeholders like shareholders with absolute confidence.  
  8. Public profiling - Leaders‘ reputations are a major contributing factor for a company’s reputation, among customers, regulators and industry peers. A leader needs to manage ten building blocks to develop a bullet-proof reputation. We help corporate leaders excel in the mastering these building blocks.         


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